Friday, March 25, 2011

Why I'm voting conservative for the first time ever this election Pt. I

The Geeky Ex-rock Critic Industry Minister Tony Clement

Who tweets and interacts. And got a Canadian anti-spam law passed

A Liberal former astronaut. Yawn

Anyone thinking of voting Bloc Quebecoise?

Robert Bouchard

Gérard Asselin

The Bloc seem like good guys, interested in representing their constituencies.

For example, here's a bit of a Hansard transcript from Robert Bouchard, Bloc MP (Chicoutimi—Le Fjord) and Vice-chair of the parliamentary INDU Committee:

Robert Bouchard Chicoutimi—Le Fjord, QC

Mr. Speaker, this week, the Conservative government will have another opportunity to support the forestry industry. Bill C-429, which is sponsored by my colleague from Manicouagan (Gérard Asselin) and which would increase the use of wood in federal buildings, will soon be voted on at third reading in this House.

Supported by municipalities, the Quebec order of architects, the Coalition BOIS Québec and forestry associations in Quebec and Canada, Bill C-429 sends a strong message to the industry by helping to highlight its transition towards processing and develop new markets.

This is also an excellent opportunity for the Conservative government to improve its record in the fight against climate change. For example, France expects to achieve 14% of its greenhouse gas reduction commitments through its wood, construction and environment plan. This government should do something good for the environment by taking the lead in promoting the use of wood.
 Very nice!

Let's take a little closer look, though.

M. Bouchard's constituency office is located at 267 Racine Street East, Suite 303 Chicoutimi, Québec. One might logically expect to find a magnificent log cabin housing this supporter of wood rights, but it is not to be. Google street view indicates very little wood.

Surely the proposer of the bill (which was given three readings in the House of Commons, at taxpayer expense) M. Asselin will fair much better. Checking out the luxurious pine, and cedar, and maple that ensconces M. Asselin at 55 Comeau Blvd. Baie-comeau, Québec will be a feast for the eyes! Sadly, Google Maps + Streetview is no help here. However, a fly-over with Google earth leaves us with the same distressing fact - no wood anywhere in evidence.

To Messers Bouchard, and Asselin, I suggest what is good for the goose must first be good for the gander.  You could even shoot an episode of Survivor! In Baie Comeau, it gets a tad chilly in the winter, and in Chicoutimi, things are not much better.