Sunday, October 14, 2007

If Toots Hibert were dead ...

... he'd be rolling in his grave as fast as Joe Strummer. The Nissan Rogue, a new SUV has a bunch of car commercials featuring the song Pressure Drop by Toots, as performed by The Clash.

I'm not sure what the world has come to but it ain't good. The Clash eschewed all commercial endorsements to their financial detriment during their careers, either someone got really poor or a right lapsed, allowing someone somewhere to pimp them out.

Strummer, a long-time Marxist, would have been sickened. The best art of the commercials is the happy-happy clean early-30's white people driving around in the things - exactly the type, back in the day, the band would have spit on, in true punk fashion.

Punk's not dead? I'm not so sure.