Friday, November 06, 2009 - contrition!

I just received the following from SPAMFighter supremo Henrik Soerensen, this appears to be the solutions hoped for, assuming they haven't merely suppressed my address, but also provide that facility for others as well. If so, chalk one up for the good guys in terms of making the email marketing world incrementally better. Thanks Henrik!

Hi Neil

Great to hear from you. Well, lets just say your name have come up alot in this company lately :-) but all in a good way.

After our last discussion I thought about leaving a reply on your blog, but on the other hand I thought I would give all a rest while we fixed things in here.

Our CTO "fixed" it a day later, but I guess he dident understand the problem well enough or I dident communicated it well enough because about a week later you were on our back again and well deserved.

What he did was suppress your email address so it couldent be registered again, however, since it was "active" in our system that wouldent work until 3 month of unactivity.

When you got "another one" last week, we finally made that "feature" that would suppress any email address put into the system from ever recieving emails.

I really hope this works, but please let me know if you recieve any other.

Honorstly, I dont like to be "exposed" this way and your blog has given us food for thoughts.

We are 60 hard working people who really believes we are doing the right thing, but I guess we sometimes fuck up and get wiser.

Anyway, Thanks for busting our "balls" and I am sorry for all the confusion.

Med Venlig Hilsen

Henrik Soerensen

Nattergalevej 6. 2
2400 Koebenhavn NV / Copenhagen NV
Denmark - made even more famous

Marketing Profs 'Get To The Point'

Want Spam With That Spam?

A few years ago, Neil Schwartzman downloaded—but never used—the trial version of an anti-spam software program. "It turned out it was Windows-only," he explains at his blog, "so I never installed it, as I use a Mac. Have done since 1986."

Following the download, he received the customary follow-up—one email to welcome him, and two engaging him as a potential customer. "The subscription for the free software ran out, I opted out of their emails, and thought 'that is that,'" he continues.

But for Schwartzman it was only the beginning. A few months later he received—once again—the original welcome message, as well as a repeat of the first follow-up message asking if everything is okay. Actually, he replied, the answer is no.

[see the solution to this ongoing problem HERE ~ ns]

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Some Marketers are as insecure as a Dorky Kid at a High School Dance

I am 100% certain that about 18 months ago there was a big marketing conference somewhere.

And at that conference, there was a high-powered Zig Ziglar-type motivational speaker, except maybe without the dubious background.

And this presenter said to the assembled masses, verily ‘We missed out on MySpace. We missed out on Facebook. Look at the hundreds of millions of eyeballs we could have been displaying to. Miss yea not The Twitter’.

And he saw that it was good.

And after the conference, and the inspirational speech every marketer in the world trundled back to their office and opened up a Twitter account. And began thinking in 140 character blocks. Longer than usual, yes, but extend the message they did.

And so what do we have today? I just got an email from one of the gazillion hotel points programmes I am signed up for. And this particular hotel, the second this week if memory serves, exhorted me to ‘Follow us on twitter’ and ‘Find us on Facebook’.

Really? What in the world does a hotel chain have to tell me by Twitter?

If you care to find out, (I promise you I don’t) you can check it out and report back.

My eyes are burning! I just peeked, and they have someone just a tad too enthusiastic writing their prose. And almost 3,000 followers.

Twits, the lot of them.