Sunday, May 09, 2010

More on the 'rockstar' thing

Seriously, now we are seeing ninjas, rockstars and most lately, stormtroopers in the marketing community.

If you fancy yourself a rockstar, ask yourself this : Have you ever mistaken a plate of heroin being circulated around the room for cocaine? Has a 14 year-old girl threatened her mother that she would run away from home unless she let her go fuck you at your hotel? Did you furnish mom's home afterwards? Have you pee'd on a 14 year-old girl recently? Married one who happens to be your cousin? Shot your car with a handgun while blasted out of your mind on PCP? Lost your right drumming arm in a drunken car crash? Over-dosed, ever? Died from an overdose, ever?

I'm thinking that most marketers want to be rockstars, in theory, but are far too public-image conscious to be Jimmy Page, or Jerry Lee Lewis, or James Brown. Being a rockstar would get their pant suits dirty.