Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I'm a wanted criminal

The Quebec Justice Dept. is filing to have an arrest warrant issued for me. Called them to see why. Apparently some evil parking at the airport (I take taxis, ergo impossible) and driving without insurance (dead stupid, since I got receipts dating back to 1998).

The nice lady from Justice, one Jennifer Boisclair, contacted at 14:14 02/mar/2010 assures me she will get back to me. Uh-huh. How about you get in touch with your IT department and fix your database??

The funny bits are the paper here says they attempted to do a property seizure (also not true, if they had, I would have gladly handed over my near-dead car. Anyone willing to pay me for this thing is ... much appreciated).

Interested to see how this plays out. Who here will bail me out? Anyone? Bueller? BUELLER???

UPDATE: I called today (15/mar/2010) since Ms. Boisclair hadn't gotten back to me as promised. She is on vacation, and her colleague told me she saw no backing documentation received as yet. I just can't go back to prison, again.


J.D. said...

They actually called and told you? See, that PROVES Canadians are nicer than Americans.

Spamfighter said...

No, they sent me registered letter, but they maintain a hotline that actually is staffed. That doesn't disprove your thery though.