Monday, September 25, 2006

Destroying an old CD

Sep 25, 2006 - 1 Photo

I have a bunch of old CD data back-ups. Yes, that's right, I am one of those people who actually makes back ups of their data. Having messed around with computers since about 1985, I've lost more data than I care to think about. So, daily back-ups, rotating sets, offsite archives - the whole gamut.

I recently bought a DVD burner so I could keep the piles of plastic disks lying around the office to a minimum (well, actually, I bought it because Mac OSX 10.4 only comes in DVD format, and I had to recover the computer from a seriously corrupting crash). So what to do with the old CDs, to prevent dumpster-diving identity thieves from getting ahold of any personal data?

So I asked on a geek list for creative suggestions. Here are some of them, so far:
  • Shotgun blast (too violent, and I'm an anti-gun nut)
  • Solvent (might be carcinogenic)
  • Fireplace/open fire (ditto)
  • Office paper shredder (see photo - mine won't allow such things)
  • Microwave (one website promised a 'spectacular light show', which indeed was the case, and very effective in destroying the CD).

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Matt V - Mvern78 said...

Microwave?! - I'd be concerned about how much damage this causes the microwave. I generally associate light show in the microwave as a bad thing. ;)

Go get a shredder with a cd destroyer... I got one at Shoppers Drugmart > 40$ CDN... Does paper (7 sheets) w/ cross shred (makes nice confetti), Credit card destruction (same confetti look) and CD's.