Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Montreal now officially Cooler than San Francisco

Coupla years back local musicians and hang-arounds some got an inspired idea in reaction to the pretentious fake knights jousting in the park on Mount Royal. There was a zombie attack, accounts say there were no survivors. We shall refrain from noting how HOTT Miss Lilly is as a zombie, let alone in juxtaposition to some dweeby knight.

Just this past weekend, San Francisco had their first zombie invasion in Union Square.

Let's review the history:

Montreal = July 03, 2005
San Francisco = May 25, 2007

Way to jump on the bandwagon, guys. Careful getting up on it, Grandma, you don't want to scrape your knee or anything.

Attention people of San Francisco: This is not an original idea ... It makes you look like Johnny-&-Jane-Come-Latelies. Let me speak in a language you can understand: This is as Windows is to Mac OSX. You know, XP in a dress?

Come up with your own concepts for flash mobs. Maybe you should have dressed up like circus clowns or dinosaurs or something, but leave the zombies to the professionals, OK?



sulayman said...

So the entire basis for your claim that Montreal is cooler than SF is that you did a Zombie Walk first?

Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but TORONTO did it in 2003. Guess they're cooler than you.

But hey -- if holding a Zombie Walk a year ahead of San Francisco (our first was in 2006, actually) is what you need to feel better about yourself and hold some prepubescent infantile "We're better than you" banner over your head, don't let me stop you.

Unknown said...

San Francisco has been having zombie mobs at least for the last 3 years...those are just the ones I attended. They are organized by the guy at eatbrains.com - either way I don't think it makes either city better than each other. They are just both funny.

J.D. said...

The earliest SF zombie mob I can find flickrgraphic evidence of was in July 2005, but San Francisco has a long history of random craziness -- and more all the time.

Besides, when you compare today's weather there's no question that San Francisco is cooler.

(Montreal has better bagels, though.)