Thursday, July 26, 2007

Punk's not dead, neither is email

Some dolt published this press release trying to push their push technology.

"Email is Dead!" - Google elert gadget is Launched

Yeah, well stop the presses. Spam is a problem. We all have our tipping points. Sure, kids love instant messaging and text and the like, but email, as the replacement for the internal memo, and the letter is doing very well, thank you. I don't want to have my notes to my friends come up in an IM window when there is something lengthy to say, and I surely don't want to replace an entirely good meium simply because someone declares it dead for their own purposes of profitting from said 'death' which is entirely premature.

As far as getting instant alerts about news - I have RSS. As far as someone sending me the daily specials, email is also the perfect medium. I can read them when I want, or delete them if I don't. Having a gadget shove them in front of my face on my desktop (which I can barely see for all the documents I save there), well, it is as much of a non-starter as Green Day's cover of the Simpson's Theme which is about as spurious as it gets.

So maybe punk is dead after all (R.I.P. Joey Ramone and Joe Strummer) but email? Please.You wish.

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