Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Email - Not ready For Primtime, And here's Why

My big boss, Matt Blumberg, had some interesting stuff to say about emailed holiday cards. In essence, this year they were sent without apology, and he believes it to be a turning point for email.

He's a little wrong and I'm glad he is.

Apart from the spate of holiday cards spreading Storm 2.0 I think the use of email holiday greetings is somewhat trite, and reserved for those about whom we have a lesser relationship, with whom the facility of email is appropriate. But it isn't appropriate for everyone in our lives.

Matt Writes:

I think I've received about 10-15 cards by email this month. None with an apology. All with the same quality of art/creative as printed cards. It's great! A good use of the email channel...much less cost...easier overhead for distribution...and of course better for the environment.

All I can muster to this is ... "well, I suppose, in some cases".

The fact of the matter is, to me, email, indeed all electronic forms remain the hard-copy written word's red-headed step-child. There is invariably more import to a hand-written letter than could ever be held by email.

Could you imagine sending a condolence card to the loved ones of a departed friend or family member? I surely couldn't.

Fortunately, Matt is a traditionalist at heart. When I was hired, among the swag and company tchotchkes was a hand-written letter of welcome. Signed by Matt Blumberg.

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