Thursday, August 07, 2008

$1,300 for an omelet

I flew executive class, Air Canada from Toronto to Denver today. I had a free upgrade pass, and since it was due to expire in February, I figured I treat myself to some luxury.

Now, as a point of comparison, I flew from Montreal to Toronto to make that flight, and the economy leg of the trip was entirely fine, pretty much the same seat as in business class, except without all the extra legroom which I really don't need because I am little, and not overly fat, or anything.

Checking the Air Canada site I see the price difference is $1,300. So what does $1,300 buy you? An overly salted omelet, a warm roll with jam, and some orange tags that indicate your luggage is a priority (not to denigrate the value this latter but one time, Air Canada lost my bags with their little orange tags for two months, on my outbound to Bali, which was a bit of a drag since I landed with no clothes in Thailand before my hop over to Bali, and when I returned home had no winter clothes in Montreal, in February).

So anyway, if you are ever wondering about those snooty folks in executive class thinking they are holier-than-thou, when you walk by, enjoin them to savour the $1,300 omelet.

Yes, on long trips executive or first class makes travel a whole lot easier, but intra-continent? An omelet? Are you kidding me?

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