Monday, February 05, 2007

Consequences - The Eagle Uprising

Years ago two of the four musicians that made up seminal Brit art-rock ban 10cc left to form a duo, Creme and Godley. They put out an album called 'Consequences' in 1977 which was a rock-opera of sorts, the storyline being about how Mother Nature rose up against her human overlords who were trashing the place. Hurricanes, earthquakes, so on - the stuff of so many movies, and press of late.

While there may be some 'debate' behind global warming and man's role therein (The nice anti-global warming people have hired the mercenaries behind creating doubt as to whether or not cigaret smoke causes cancer to help promote their cause), I think there can now be no doubt that nature's pissed and is coming to foreclose.

First, there was this story of an eagle causing an Alaskan power failure, and now the eagles are attacking paragliders.

I'd say it is either time to clean up our act or face the consequences.

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