Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The World Just Shrunk and it didn't cost hardly nothin'

Skype costs me 30 euros/year to maintain a US number, (303) 800 NEIL, for unlimited inbound calls (I also maintain a UK number and on in France so a friend who lives there can call me locally, at least in theory, she never does call).

Anyway, I just put an $8 Thai SIM I bought at the Bangkok airport into my $50 Canadian mobile phone (a Motorola L2 which I paid $100 with $50 in airtime), which I paid $7 US to a guy in Laval Quebec to unlock and works anywhere in the world. The SIM allows for unlimited free inbound calls.

So now, anyone with cheap long distance in North America (and with a calling card you shouldn't pay more than .001/minute) can call me in Thailand for next to nothing.

When my house sitter called to check that i had set it up correctly, all I could exclaim was 'technology is so cool'. These are the times we live in ladies and gentlemen. Interconnectivity for nothing, and nothing to say ...

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