Monday, June 04, 2007

The Challenges of International Travel Pt. III

My new laptop draws 10 watts more power than my converter (which allows for 50 w vs. 60 w needed), and although the laptop has a built-in converter, I need an adapter from North American to UK pluggery which the external converter has, but the laptop doesn't, to be able to actually plug in a wall socket. The wall socket sitting in front of me in a hotel in Dublin Ireland.

All the adapters owned by the hotel are being used by other quests, and the converter keeps timing out as it overheats ... So ... it looks like I'll probably be off-line until the stores open and I'm able to go buy myself the proper kit. Oh, but here's the thing. It is a bank holiday here today (i.e. a statutory holiday) so I don't know if the requisite stores are going to be open.

Until then, as they say in Irish Slán agaibh

Turns out a few stores were open, but none of them had what I needed. Fortunately the Dublin Tourist Center was open, and I got my fix. I tell you this, dear reader, because I know you are breathless with anticipation as to the next twist and turn this tale will take.

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