Sunday, February 24, 2008

Some Things Never Change, for instance, Scott Richter

I had a drink with Scott & Steve Richter a couple of weeks ago. He laid out all the details of him doing something in collaboration with mobile phone companies (he lamented upon the fact that they take a large cut of the revenues of any sales activities on their networks), but Scott accidentally left out the bit about cramming during our conversation. I'll be sending him back the cost of two beers, for which he paid.

Lest we forget, Myspace sued Richter last year. I was standing beside Scott and some of his 'colleagues' (aren't they normally called henchmen?') at the FTC Spam Summit this past summer when a gentleman from Myspace noted from the dais that they hadn't sued many people, but, pointing at Scott who was at the back of the room, 'we have sued him for phishing and spamming' Funny, uncomfortable moment. Sadly I wasn't fast enough with my camera to get the shot.

The nicest part about the sessions was when Mr. Richter gave his presentation. He read his power point slides to the assemblage, presumably because he assumed we were not literate. Or something. Gee how I love it when a presenter does that. It is the best.

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