Sunday, March 02, 2008

I think this is about as normal as I'm ever going to get

I'm a monarchist, I admit it. I like The Queen of England. I like the film The Queen too, despite it being so very critical of the royals.

The Queen smiles benignly upon we, her loyal subjects, from some of our money here in Canada, and that makes me happy, as does her annual message at Christmas time. I subscribed to The Royal Channel on YouTube so I could check out their online messaging.

I think that in this day and age, it is a good thing to have inspirational, iconic leaders who can set a standard. For me, as a devout atheist, The Queen helps by filling that role (Richard Branson's remarkable Elders Project is also something I admire and respect deeply).

And now, we have come to see that the Queen has helped raise a brave and courageous grandson. Prince Harry is back in Britain due to the ongoing moronic actions of Matt Drudge' Drudgery Report. I watched his return on the BEEB yesterday, and the subsequent interview.

Nine times out of ten someone stumbles upon you when you're having a shit. They don't bat an eyelid because it's normal out here. It's very nice to be a sort of normal person for once. I think this is about as normal as I'm ever going to get.

Two things strike me about this young man: That he wants to go back to Afghanistan, to "do his bit" shows character far beyond what one would expect from the ruling elite (Hello, George W. Bush, yes, I'm talking about YOU) and the other is that I think that civilian leaders who are involved in waging war should have had to fight in one, as a grunt.

The Royal Prince flew home with two injured soldiers and faced, first-hand, the consequences of war. How wonderful and educative an experience for someone who will have influence (albeit minimal but more than the normal sot) upon how his country and their policies.

For an entirely dissident and unkind view of all of this, check out this piece in today's Guardian

I disagree with Ms. Hyde. I think the world needs far more young men like Prince Harry to set an example. Far better him than buffoon rappers making such pursuits as Benjamins, grills & Ho's the goal. Prince Harry has demonstrated that despite a life of privilege one can come out with a sense of responsibility, bravery, and maturity.

God bless The Royal Princenot because he is a hero, but because he isn't and rejects the label.

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Al Iverson said...

But I like the benjamins!