Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Who Are You? Blogger to Facebook to everyone knows!


'Careful’ she was told ‘Neil might post something inappropriate to your Facebook page’.

Indeed, I might. Facebook, after all, is not work, this is my personal space, and so it is a place of free expression of who I am.

Nevertheless, the notion of me putting something someone else might find offensive up on his or her page is an interesting one.

For one, I don’t use the ‘funwall’ or ‘wall’ applications on other people’s pages. Ever. So how would that work?

Well, Facebook is interesting from a privacy perspective.

Several things can go on.

I have my YouTube account linked to my Google account which means there is a link to my blog welikeballs.com hosted by blogger (I grabbed the domain for $10 when it lapsed and was offered up for sale on GoDaddy. I think it is hilarious). My Facebook page automatically posts all of my blog posts to my profile. My YouTube stuff could potentially be posted up to my blog. So, were I to have a penchant for ‘sexy teens dancing’ there is the possibility that were I to look at a shameless hussy on YouTube, it could end up on my Facebook page. As could it via my YouTube video app.

Of course, on Facebook – your friend’s profiles also keep track of what you are doing. I post something on my Facebook page, it appears in the newsfeed of my friends’ pages. So someone whose interest does not lie in the realm of ‘sexy teens dancing’ might end up with a little two line bit of inappropriateness trumpeting my puerile pursuits, and find that … you guess it, inappropriate.

Here’s another un-cool privacy thingie on Facebook. I have something called Friendwheel. It tells me who among my Facebook friends know my other Facebook friends. Check it out HERE

Well now, that is interesting because it lets me know who knows whom, and there are some interesting links indeed. Spammer Scott Richter, for example, is a friend with five of my friends. One has to wonder why. Or not.

The there’s tagging photos.

Say someone takes a picture of you and me in a compromising position. And puts it up on their Facebook page. Then ‘tags’ the picture, indicating whom among their friends appears in the picture. That then appears on their page. And mine, as a photo of me. I have no control, or may not notice that that embarrassing picture is up.

So yeah. I might just have something inappropriate up on Facebook, and it may well wend its wooly way into your world.

Such is the open-book life we lead online.

I suppose if I had anything embarrassing have happened in my life I would be worried.

As it stands, I guess it is just up to those who are my friends to get over it, love me for my inappropriateness, or stop being my friends. On Facebook, at least. Because, after all, there is nothing like being inappropriate face to face.

Love ya!

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