Friday, April 16, 2010

What passes for shocking

The Register today reports that a photo shoot promoting the latest Shrek ouvre, 'Forever After' went awry, with the inclusion of scantily clothed young things amidst cartoon (well, CGI) characters.

Apparently Paramount and Dreamworks somehow didn't NIX the release of the shoot; they note they won't be suing, but did voice their concern. Please. They own the likenesses and could easily pull the plug. Sounds more to me like this tepid atempt at publicity wasn't getting any coverage, and Paramount hoped to give it a bump. Check it out here to see how tame this 'controversial' set of pictures really is.

Paramount and Dreamworks would have done well to take a page from famous non-stars from the reality t.v./straight to video movie world, perhaps having Shrek pull a Lilo, and flash his genitals at papparazzi after being hauled drunk from a club, or perhaps Princess Fiona could have taken the Tila Tequila route, and released 'I Fucked the D.J.' to attain a level of infamy by promoting bare-back sex.

I've included a helpful link for those of you not fully familiar with this latter think piece.

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